"This reading of the will could end badly"

Wadelin Shores - New Series

By Moly Maco


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Molly Maco is a best-selling author of several beach romance, women’s fiction, stories featuring cowboys, strong women getting a fresh start in life, and feel-good romance.

If she’s not writing, she is serving in the world of two gorgeous, attention-demanding dogs.

She has a passion for women’s health and wellness – helping women live their best lives. 


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Beverly and her sister Barbara own resorts on both coasts of Florida.
They spend time going back and forth, supporting each other through thick and thin. Unfortunately, one of them has just been given a life-altering diagnosis that is about to send both of them down a path neither could have imagined.

This is a prequel in Barefoot Bay Resort Series…

“Things couldn’t get much better, in her opinion, but they most certainly could get worse!” She put every last drop of blood, sweat, and tears into her children, being the perfect wife and a stay-at-home mother for 23 years. 

Then, on the day of their daughter’s graduation from college, he drops a bombshell that destroys all her hopes for the future.

Years ago, his wife Rachel was murdered and tossed into the waters of their hometown, being the prime suspect all these years has made Bill an outcast who few will associate with, except Ada – who won’t listen to gossip…

Ada is the steady sister that everyone depends on in times of crisis. Having been single for thirty years since her fiancé was shot down overseas, she settled into middle age…


What my readers are saying...

" Boy!!!! Molly knows how to make one beg for more. Family strife, family love, and an ending you don't see coming. CA great story and believable characters.."

Kathy Dryden

/ Goodreads

"Super reading.....one for relaxing, putting your mind on good things and not on matters of this world such war and pandemics, etc..."

Rosa Fite

/ Goodreads

I do believe this author could help with mental illness in a Mighty way if more people would read and relax with her book. They sure are helpful for me even if I do read them when I should be sleeping

Rosa Fite


I really enjoyed this book. It’s well written and heartwarming. I really enjoyed the characters and the matchmaking that brought them all together. I know you are really going to enjoy it.

Glenda Parker


Molly is an awesome writer. I found this series hard to put down. Just enough intrigue to keep your interest. Made me want to be a part of the story. Good read. Thanks Molly, keep up the good work.

JoAnne Eggebraaten



by Molly Maco

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