Cowboy Romance

His Amish Treasure Boxset ( Book 1 – 3 )

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Wiley (Wolf) Renfrew got his nickname from the local native tribe. Apparently, the Wolf is his spirit animal. A cowboy, he’s used to corralling cattle.
He was content with his life of work, drinking at the saloon, and having fun times with the ladies. One day on a cattle run though, he finds a girl in a field. A girl with a bloody head and no memory of who she is.
What was a standard rescue becomes a journey not only for Wiley but for the girl he nicknames Ginger.

Cowboy Wishes Series Boxset ( Book 1 – 5 )

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They say… “Once bitten by the rodeo bug, you never quite get rid of it,” but one note is about to change everything for Caitlyn…

After her father, a well-known bull rider died in a horrible accident, She gave up on barrel racing in the rodeo circuit. Now, she is trying to put her life back together pursuing a nursing degree to forget her past life. But as a horse lover,  she still makes time at the vast 10,000 acres estate of Ruth Ann Whitehead carrying out a children’s training session for several community children’s barrel racing once a week.

One note is about to change everything, though – when Caitlyn’s sincere secret wish is fulfilled, and her dreams of the future take shape once again, she will be left with one important choice to make, will she make the right one?

Nursing A Broken Heart Boxset ( Book 1 – 6 )

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Dean left everything he knew behind, the day he buried his wife and daughter due to his law enforcement career.

The pain of losing his family is still too much guilt for him to bear. After years in a bottle, and living a life he once thought was only for losers, he is now one of them until a rancher befriended him, giving him a job and purpose once again.

Now, as the lead man on a massive Colorado ranch, he lives a quiet, ordinary existence still trying to silence the ghosts of the past. When his employer starts to exhibit failing health and requires surgery, the nurse hired to help will shake up everything. Is there hope that his damaged heart might actually start to beat once again after all these years?