Feel Good Romance

Angel Ford Complete Series Boxset

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“Beware grandmothers and mothers with too much time on their hands!”

When the older generation of Angel Ford realizes that not a single woman was born in Angel Ford in the last thirty years, they are worried. As these ladies approach retirement with no signs of daughters-in-law in sight, they take matters into their own hands. These devious minds are about to form a club, not for books or knitting but for recruitment of their grand baby’s mamas.

What could go wrong? 

Barefoot Bay Resort Boxset ( Book 7 – 12 )

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She put every last drop of blood, sweat, and tears into her children, being the perfect wife and a stay-at-home mother for 23 years.

Then, on the day of their daughter’s graduation from college, he dropped a bombshell that destroyed all her hopes for the future. Now, she will turn to the two women who have always been there for her ( Lexie and Ada ).

Sleepy Cove Complete Series Boxset

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“The Unexpected outcome for an Un-expectant heart!”

Sleepy Cove is a tiny tourist have on the eastern shore of Florida, halfway between Dayton and Miami most tourists miss.

The town consists of only about a hundred full-time residents and an ever-evolving cast of visitors who come to Sleepy Cove for the great surf, peace, and quiet.

Despite its small size, Sleepy Cove hosts many big characters, hoping that the next visitor might bring some romance, adventure, and change to their little community.

Everyone here seems to have a heartbreaking background, but this merry group of citizens has each other’s backs when the chips are down.

In a surprising twist of events, a new character is about to come to town and bring with her a whole cast of unexpected romances…

Sunken Wreck Bay Complete Series Boxset

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She kissed Greg and bent to ensure Theo’s life vest was securely fastened before boarding the boat…

Then off they went, and she stood on the shoreline waving until they were no longer visible against the breathtaking sunset… It’s been a lifetime and they haven’t returned… What happened?

Unfortunately, there are a lot of theories about what might have happened that night but what really is the truth?

Wadelin Shores Complete Series Boxset

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Aria, Mira, Lara, and Grace have been estranged for years after their parent’s divorce saw them picking different sides, and Grace went to the care of an aunt when it was discovered she wasn’t their father’s biological child.

When their father passes, he puts a mandate in his will that the women must come to Wadelin Shores to run one of the family businesses for a year.

If they don’t all agree to stay there for a year, then all the businesses (candy store, bungalow resort, restaurant, spa) will be sold and money donated.

Each, for their reasons, must decide whether to stay or leave, but each choice will come at a cost – will they walk away from this fortune or work it out?