Mystery & Suspense

Dangerous Pursuit Boxset ( Book 1 – 4 )

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Alexandra McIntyre is an investigative journalist who has spent most of her career fighting to earn her place in a career dominated by men, but one man and a case are about to change her entire life…

William Hunt is a cop who has had an accomplished career but also a rough past.

He is still putting his life back together after the fallout from a case that cost him his marriage and nearly his job. When Will stumbles on a case that could not only make or break his career but that could change his life forever; he has to decide if the consequences are worth it.

Alex has great instincts but a headstrong attitude and a desire to run from her past pushes her to take risks that most would not even dare. When Alex sees a way to make a major breakthrough in her career, she fights against all odds to get to the truth and prove herself.