Beach inheritance

Rediscovering Home – The Restoration

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Shane and Melissa’s relationship faces the ultimate test.


On the brink of their nuptials; a dire announcement and coming to terms with the eventual loss of their beloved Church St. Patrick.


With no one to take the reins of the church, both Shane and Melissa have to decide whether to overcome their limitations and fears and take what rightfully belongs to them or succumb to the threats and intimidation.


In this final chapter, we see the way love, patience, and faith intertwine to deliver a resounding victory to those that believe and intend to serve with pure hearts.

Rediscovering Home – Dwindling Hope

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Shane’s love for Melissa grows, but with it, comes the looming takeover of the church.


To top it off, Pastor Michael receives devastating news from his doctor, and the coming decisions threaten to affect the future plans for the church.


Meanwhile, Gloria is having a run of good luck, as everything seems to be going her way, and she moves ahead with her controversial plans that may save the church or completely ruin it.


Will Shane and Melissa get over their relationship hiccups to save themselves and their church, or will events conspire again to put more obstacles on their path?


This is a gripping coming-of-age story that teaches us the value of strength and the enduring love of friendships; past, present, and future.

Rediscovering Home – The Revival

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Shane and Melissa are riding high on their friendship and their new relationship.


Meanwhile, Malcolm feels left out, but they soon hatch a plan to save their beloved church and their friendship as well. Malcolm’s connections and skills prove essential in their plans to lead a church revival using a major beach concert.


However, new frontiers opposition arises to join the old ones and Gloria is back in the picture with a takeover bid, this time, targeting the church.


Will the young congregants manage to wrestle the church from the exploitative grip of Gloria’s schemes even as they go through a revival? Only time will tell.


This is a gripping coming-of-age novel that teaches us the value of strength and the enduring love of friendships; past, present, and future. 

Bequeathed Love – Wadelin Shores Book 1

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Aria, Mira, Lara, and Grace have been estranged for years after their parent’s divorce saw them picking different sides, and Grace went to the care of an aunt when it was discovered she wasn’t their father’s biological child. When their father passes, he puts a mandate in his will that the women must come to Wadelin Shores to run one of the family businesses for a year. If they don’t all agree to stay there for a year, then all the businesses (candy store, bungalow resort, restaurant, spa) will be sold and money donated. Will they walk away from it all or work it out?