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Old Secrets – Gleaming Isles Book 1

After a terrible loss, Gillian is stunned to find out she inherited her grandfather’s wealth and an entire island he never ever talked about, with a dying request to have her revive the island.

Old Secrets , ,

Meet The Author

Gleaming Isles is a small island off the coast of the Northern tip of Florida that was a thriving tourist place in the 1960s and then abandoned without any reason given, and honestly, no one knew about it in the family until recently.

She and her three best friends decide to take full advantage of the inheritance to start a co-op tourist spot on the island… if Gillian’s father does not stop them to protect the family secrets she is determined to uncover…

Thrilled about this new adventure that she will blog about as she is able to, she must select guests for skills they have in helping rebuild the little tourist spots around the island.

But as the reputation of the island grows and the guest list expands, so will the island’s mystery that it won’t give up easily.

When a secret stash of letters comes to light, it will reveal a secret about her life she might hope was left untouched.

This is a great read for all the lovers of suspenseful romance, suspense, and romance, later-in-life romance, beach read, feel-good reads, middle-aged woman romance, women’s fiction, or just beach romance.

Book 1 of 6 in Gleaming Isles Series


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